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Germany's favourite kitchen brand.

Nolte Küchen has been Germany’s favourite kitchen brand since 2015 – and now for the third time in succession.  Nolte kitchens again received the best results for product quality, design, value for money, range and brand image.

Nolte Küchen – synonymous with exceptional quality, variety and service, reliability and continuity. For us, good is not good enough. Our aim: to be better than the average. This applies not only to the materials that we use, but also to the concept, technology and design.

Germany's favourite kitchen brand.

We are giving you 20% more storage space

We are giving you 20 % more storage space

Matrix 150: grid system

The regular increments of 150 mm result in a perfect joint pattern with consistent lines that will accommodate any standard electrical appliances for a smooth, even finish.

MatrixArt: Die grifflose Küche

32% more storage space

Nolte Küchen offers various planning depths for worktops. If you opt for 75 cm instead of the usual 60 cm, you will not only have more space for working on and storing items, but also 32 percent more storage space in the cabinets beneath.

32% mehr Stauraum

MatrixArt: The handleless kitchen.

With MatrixArt, the finger pull is worked into the cabinet. And you can choose different colours or use Emotion Light, an LED-based dimmable lighting system, to add accents and change smoothly between warm and cold light.

Matrix 900: Der extrahohe Korpus

Material variety that delights

At Nolte Küchen, you have access to all the latest trend materials – regardless of the size of your budget. Whether wood, lacquer, glass, metal or cement, we offer you reproductions of any original material that look just like the real thing.

Materialvielfalt die begeistert

Mat lacquer concept

Find the colour combination that suits you and your kitchen: with 19 shades and lots of colour pairs, the mat lacquer concept can now be used with five front ranges and thus any style direction.


Coordinated interior decor

Nolte kitchens look the same inside and out. This means that you will find the carcase decors on the inside as well as on the outside of the cabinet. An added value that we provide as standard, i.e. without any additional charges.

Abgestimmtes Innendekor

Sealing edge

In order to prevent dust and moisture (e.g. steam) from penetrating and to ensure doors and drawers close quietly and gently, all our cabinets have a thick edge on the front that matches the colour of the cabinet. This thick edge also prevents light rays from the interior lighting escaping through the gap between carcase and cabinet door.


Cushioned hinges

The hinges that are fitted in our kitchens have an integrated cushioning element and an opening angle of 105° – comfort that we provide as standard, i.e. without any additional charges.

Scharniere mit Dämpfung


With PremiumLINE, we offer you three pull-out options in stainless steel look. Whether you opt for the basic model with a rail, the PremiumLINE Box for maximum storage space or the elegant PremiumLINE Glass with a glass frame, all our fully-extending pull-outs run quietly and smoothly and can support up to 80 kg. Available for 9 cabinet widths and 4 cabinet depths.